Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

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Top Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Buying a dream home ignites your imagination to all the various possibilities available right from location, cost, size, style and neighborhood. This process is exciting but can also be exhausting. If you’re considering buying or selling your home, it is advisable to hire a real estate agent who can help you narrow down the choices, handle the various listings and marketing activities, conduct and manage home showings, negotiate for the right price, and guide you through the entire process with his/her in-depth understanding of the industry. Hiring such an expert helps you decrease your time and effort and makes life easier for you while buying or selling your property.

But how do you hire the best real estate agent? Here’s a five-point checklist for finding an expert who can help you with one of your biggest financial transactions

  1. Knowledge and expertise. A real estate agent is highly valued for his expertise on the current market conditions and right knowledge of the various listings.
  2. Art of negotiating and listening. Having an agent who is a certified negotiation expert is certainly a bonus; however, an agent who has good marketing and listening skills, is equally beneficial.
  3. Up to date with the latest changes in the industry. Ensure that your agent is updated with the current laws of buying and selling property and is equipped to handle all the paperwork too.
  4. Customer service and client care. As a real estate agent acts as a buffer between you and the potential home buyer or seller, it is imperative that you are on the top of their priority list and makes you feel comfortable by promptly addressing your queries.
  5. Knowledge of value in the different neighborhoods. A real estate agent must have the ability to help you differentiate between the per square foot rates of similar properties in different areas as well as provide you with an accurate date of schools, crime, or demographics in the area.

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